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Three Benefits of Creatine for Non-Workouts

Three Benefits of Creatine for Non-Workouts

Three Benefits of Creatine for Non-Workouts

Don’t forget to consult a specialist for safe consumption.

Creatine is the “in” supplement, meaning people of different age groups turn to this product for different reasons. But did you know that it’s not just for those who do physical activity? A Nutritionist and personal trainer Aline Becker I’ll tell you three benefits of creatine for those who don’t train. watch

The Three Benefits of Creatine for Non-Workouts

Improves muscle recovery

Good muscles are always welcome for our bodies. “Creatine helps muscle recovery for both exercisers and non-exercisers, as it helps increase muscle fibers, gain or maintain muscle mass,” Aline said.


“Creatine helps hydrate the cells in our body. This extra hydration can greatly contribute to muscle development and growth. In addition, this hydration is also essential for increasing muscle strength,” he explained.

How the Brain Works

It contributes to the proper functioning of tissues with intense energy fluctuations, such as the brain and muscles. “But when it comes to the brain, given its fundamental role in energy balance, creatine supplementation for non-trainers can help improve brain performance,” concluded Aline Becker.

Is it true that creatine interferes with sleep?

“Scientific evidence shows that creatine is used for high-intensity, short-duration exercise with positive effects on cognitive function, i.e. there is no evidence that it interferes with sleep. Remembering that each effect of a supplement must be individualized,” he responded nutritionist and sports doctor Dr. Flavia Magalhaes contact the journalist.

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