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Is it possible to go on a diet and eat chocolate? The doctor explains

Is it possible to go on a diet and eat chocolate? The doctor explains

Is it possible to go on a diet and eat chocolate? The doctor explains

Food can be part of a healthy diet, but not all types of chocolate are recommended for consumption.

A favorite food of many people, chocolate It is commonly considered the villain of a healthy diet. But is it really harmful for those who are losing weight?

According to Dr. Cristiano Merheb, it is possible to consume chocolate without compromising your diet. However, not all types of chocolate are suitable for consumption.

“Some chocolates, such as milk chocolate, are enemies of weight loss and contain a large amount of sugar,” comments the doctor, focusing on weight loss, rejuvenation, longevity and healthy living.

What is the best chocolate for a diet?

The most recommended versions are those with a cocoa concentration greater than 70% in their composition. “They have less sugar,” comments Cristiano.

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, which act as antioxidants for the body and fight free radicals. However, its consumption must be done strategically, through an individualized diet guided by a specialist.

“It is not advisable to eat a bar a day, for example. I recommend including 20 to 25 g/day of dark chocolate in your diet, which is equivalent to two or three squares of a bar,” advises the doctor.

It is also important to pay attention to the consumption of chocolates which are called diet. The doctor explains that they often contain more calories than conventional versions.

“Because they are intended for diabetics, they contain sweeteners. However, to maintain flavor and texture, manufacturers usually compensate with hydrogenated fats,” she warns.

When to eat chocolate?

Merheb says the best time to consume chocolate is when you feel like it and can eat it with complete peace of mind. “You won’t eat chocolate every day if you don’t feel like it. Therefore, it is important to pay attention if this desire cannot be masked by another feeling, such as anxiety, which pushes us to eat more sweets. It is worth remembering that to avoid disruptions in the quality of sleep, it is advisable to avoid consumption close to bedtime,” he concludes.

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