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Job Interview: Find Out How to Prepare

Job Interview: Find Out How to Prepare

Job Interview: Find Out How to Prepare

Expert Provides 7 Tips to Prepare for Job Interviews and Land Your Dream Role

Properly preparing for a job interview is one of the most important steps to increase your chances of success. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to get the job you want.. For this reason, the Authority Positioning specialist, Fernanda de Morais, has collected seven tips to prepare for a job interview. Watch:

1. Study the company

Knowing the company’s mission, vision, values, media news and latest results shows special care and interest in being part of the team.

2. Study the vacancy

Answering questions like “What is expected of an employee in this position?” and “What technical and behavioral skills are needed?” helps align your skills with company expectations.

3. Create a list of possible questions

Practicing answers to common interview questions helps build confidence during the interview.

4. Know how to present your story

Presenting success stories and relating your personal and professional experiences to the vacancy demonstrates resourcefulness and the ability to adapt.

5. Choose appropriate clothing

Clothing choices should be aligned with the company culture. “If it’s a more casual company, be careful about excesses like low necklines and unkempt beards. Clothes in more sober colors are welcome, because there’s less chance of making a mistake,” recommends Fernanda.

6. Practice your nonverbal language

Gaze, body posture, tone of voice and gestures are details that make the difference during the interview.

7. Arrive early

Not arriving too early or too close to the scheduled time demonstrates punctuality and respect for the interviewer’s time.

Other valuable tips

In addition to these tips, Fernanda stresses the importance of asking the interviewer questions at the right time. Questions about the next steps in the selection process are best early in the interview. “Leave it until the end or when the recruiter signals that it’s a good time to raise your concerns,” she suggests.

To deal with nervousness, preparation is essential. The expert emphasizes that breathing exercises can also help improve concentration and resourcefulness. If there are areas to improve, it is important to demonstrate that you are already doing something to resolve them. “For example, if English is a weak point and is important for the position, say that you are taking a course,” Fernanda advises, emphasizing that honesty is essential.

Source: Terra

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