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Crypto Astrologers Predict Bitcoin Ups and Downs Based on Planets

Crypto Astrologers Predict Bitcoin Ups and Downs Based on Planets

Crypto Astrologers Predict Bitcoin Ups and Downs Based on Planets

Astrology can offer insights into cycles and patterns

The world of cryptocurrencies, already known for its volatility and unpredictability, is now being analyzed from a new perspective: astrology. Some financial astrologers claim to predict the ups and downs of Bitcoin based on planetary movements, and an extremely reserved and loyal clientele listens attentively.

“Astrology is an ancient tool that measures time and can offer insights into cycles and patterns. However, it is important to remember that astrology should not be seen as an exact science. It can provide guidance and general reflections, but should not be used as the sole basis for financial decisions,” warns Sara Koimbra, one of the references of astrology in Brazil.

Koimbra emphasizes that although some astrological patterns may coincide with market movements, this does not necessarily imply a cause and effect relationship.

“Correlation is not the same as causation. For example, the idea that a waning moon is associated with better Bitcoin performance could be a coincidence or influenced by other economic and social factors,” he explains.

Attraction to financial astrology

According to Koimbra, the attraction to financial astrology may be linked to the human desire to find patterns in chaos and uncertainty.

“People are looking for predictability and security, especially in volatile markets like cryptocurrency. Astrology can offer a sense of control, but it is essential to balance it with rational analysis and factual information.”

However, Sara Koimbra recognizes the value of astrology as a form of reflection and self-knowledge.

“Astrology can be a powerful tool for understanding our behaviors and tendencies, which can indirectly influence our financial decisions,” she concludes.

Despite criticism and controversy, the practice of consulting stars for financial insights continues to gain followers.

“For many, finding patterns in cryptocurrency price behavior may be as far away as the stars, but expert guidance helps keep one’s feet on the ground,” the astrologer concludes.


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