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Tonight on TV: Little Gal’s magic remains intact, especially with Alexandre Astier writing the script and dialogue

Tonight on TV: Little Gal’s magic remains intact, especially with Alexandre Astier writing the script and dialogue

The animated adventure of Asterix is ​​right on your couch, don’t you think? We bet yes, as the magic of the little Gaul created by Goskin and Uderzo remains intact over the years. But when, on top of that, the brilliant Alexandre Astier is in charge, it’s really hard to pass his turn…

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This adventure, which will be broadcast this Monday night on W9, is Asterix – The Mystery of the Magic Potion, a feature film released in cinemas in 2018. The story centers around the character of Druid Panorama who, after his fall, decides it’s time to secure the future of the village.

Accompanied by Asterix and Obelix, he travels to the Gaulish world in search of a gifted young druid who can impart the secret of a famous magic potion…

Asterix – the secret of the magic potion marks the unionAlexander Astie After Le Domaine des Dieux with Louis Clichy. Once again, two men are writing and directing a feature film, but there’s something new: The secret of the magic potionUnlike its predecessor, it is not adapted from pre-existing comics.

It’s really a brand new story of two famous gals unfolding on screen! Funny, inventive, true to the spirit of the comics, but also distinguished by Aster’s unique imprint, this hilarious adventure is a real success.

“Alexander offered me his idea, which I found very interesting”declares Louis Clichy. “He worked vigorously on the first pass and then we exchanged ideas with tables and plans, and lots of laughing and arguing.

I made many sketches to explain the point of view. He returned to writing in his corner, etc. It all took a while because we had no foundation, no album. “

Christian Clavier discovered Asterix!

Another noteworthy fact: the late Roger Carell, who decided to give up at the time, the voice of Asterix here is the voice of Christian Clavier (one of those who played Kaamelott ET Astérix), who thus finds the character after he played in the film. Flesh Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar and Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra.

FictionAlexander Astie and Louis ClichyAlloCiné was recognized by the public with an average of 3.9 out of 5, a great public success with almost 4 million viewers in French cinemas.

And if you take another sip This magic potion too exciting? Chances are you’ll have a great evening! should we be in paris

Tonight on W9 at 9.10pm.

Gauloise interview with Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy:

Source: Allocine

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