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4 Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring

4 Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring

4 Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring

The architect explains how this option can be very advantageous for the interiors of houses and apartments

Highly resistant to scratches and stains, vinyl floors are increasingly gaining popularity in house and apartment projects. The adhesive panels, glued to the subfloor, also feature anti-allergic and sound-absorbing technology, as well as being extremely durable.

With a thickness of 2 to 5 mm, vinyl flooring can also be applied over another floor, as long as the surface is perfectly smooth, thus facilitating installation: it is a relief to avoid breakages and accumulation of wear.

“This type of flooring provides thermal and acoustic comfort and is excellent for composing convivial areas, such as the entrance, living room and dining room, in addition to the dormitories. However, it is not limited to just “dry” areas, as long as cleaning is done without throwing buckets of water, vinyl is also perfectly suitable for kitchens and utility areas. […]”, explains architect Júlia Guadix, director of Studio Guadix. According to her, the material is resistant to humidity and liquids, only its glue must not be immersed in water.

Below, discover some of the benefits of vinyl flooring!

1. Comfort thermal and acoustic

One of the main reasons why vinyl floors are so sought after is related to their ability to provide thermal comfort to residents. This feature helps to maintain a Nice weather on the floor, regardless of the season.

Even when it is cold, the material allows the resident to get out of the blankets in the warmth and place his foot directly on the floor without suffering thermal shock. On hot days, however, the floor is refreshing, since it does not absorb the temperature gradient present in the room.

Another benefit is related to acoustics: those who live in an apartment know that certain noises at a certain point can be annoying for the neighbor on the floor below. Vinyl helps to muffle the sound, making the environment more comfortable for circulation. This allows you to walk with high heels, the presence of pets and moving furniture causes less inconvenience to the neighbors below.

Vinyl flooring can be found in a variety of colors and textures.

two. Variety of models

Because it has a diversity of textures, colors and shapes, vinyl siding adds a lot to the decor. The resident can find pieces similar to wood, marble and burnt concrete, among other variants, giving the possibility to choose the one that best harmonizes with the decorative style proposed for the project.

With vinyl you can create a modern and differentiated look. “I really like to specify in the projects, because we get the look of a wooden floor at a much lower cost than wood,” comments the architect.

3. Sustainability

Vinyl flooring is generally made of PVC, a product made with recyclable material and with a low environmental impact, making this covering a sustainable choice in line with nature. For Júlia Guadix, this attribute strengthens her consumer preferencebecause sustainability is one of the most debated topics worldwide in all sectors, including construction.

4. Care and cleaning

During cleaning, the process is very fluid. Although it accepts some products well, such as neutral detergents, vinegar and bleach, it is sensitive to other chemical components such as detergents, solvents and petroleum derivatives, since they consume the surface of the floor.

“Since this type of covering has been developed for interior decoration and its glue is not water resistant, it is not recommended to apply the flooring in outdoor areas or shower cubicles”, concludes Júlia Guadix.

By Glaucia Ferreira

Source: Terra

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