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The nutritionist reveals 3 ways to really lose weight without suffering

The nutritionist reveals 3 ways to really lose weight without suffering

The nutritionist reveals 3 ways to really lose weight without suffering

If in doubt, consult a specialist for a safe process.

Losing weight does not denote madness, that is, it is possible to achieve this goal calmly. In this sense, Sport Life will share three aids to lose weight without suffering with the participation of Nutritionist Nattány Ribeiro.

The Three Ways to Lose Weight Without Suffering

Balanced diet

“Choosing nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and grains, is essential to ensure adequate nutrient intake. In addition, regular exercise, combining strength training and cardio, not only boosts metabolism but also preserves muscle mass. The support of qualified healthcare professionals is essential to developing a personalized and safe weight loss plan,” commented Nathany.

No restrictive diets

“Extremely restrictive diets can lead to nutritional deficiencies, loss of muscle mass, hormonal imbalances and even eating disorders. Therefore, a balanced approach supported by professional guidance is essential to ensure that weight loss occurs in a healthy and sustainable way, preserving physical health and mental health,” she said.

Positive current

First, this change in eating habits must be gradual and constant to achieve lasting results and maintain an appropriate weight over time. Surround yourself with friends in the midst of this proposal.

“Resisting food temptations and overcoming unhealthy eating patterns can be extremely challenging. In this context, relying on the support of a support network, consisting of friends, family and health professionals, is essential to overcome these difficulties and maintain focus on long-term goals. long-term health goals,” she said.

Final message

“One of the main obstacles in the weight loss journey is maintaining motivation throughout the process. It is essential to recognize that each person is unique. Therefore, weight loss strategies must be adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of each person,” concluded Nattány Ribeiro.

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