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World Pizza Day: Origin and 5 Pizza Ideas to Make!

World Pizza Day: Origin and 5 Pizza Ideas to Make!

World Pizza Day: Origin and 5 Pizza Ideas to Make!

Pizza Day is celebrated every year on July 10. Understanding where the date comes from and curiosities

This Wednesday (10) we celebrate World Pizza Day. Do you want a more special reason than this to celebrate the date by devouring a hot and abundant dish?

Many pizzerias have already launched promotions, which include discounts, double servings and even free drinks. This delicious combination of crispy dough, tasty sauce and fresh ingredients is a global passion that is hard to resist.

Origin of World Pizza Day

World Pizza Day was established in 1985 by the then Minister of Tourism, Caio Luís de Carvalho. The idea was born from a state competition held in São Paulo to select the best pizzas with margherita and mozzarella flavors.

Why is July 10th Pizza Day?

With the success of the state competition, which ended on July 10, the date was born in honor of this dish that has been so successful all over the world.

Five pizza ideas to prepare on this date:

Whatever your preference, Pizza Day is a great opportunity to gather friends and family, make homemade pizzas, and celebrate the global passion for the dish. Try new combinations, host a homemade carvery, have fun in the kitchen, and enjoy.

Margherita pizza

With a classic taste, perfect when prepared with tomato sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil, it is a timeless choice and can also be made in a low carb version!

Four cheeses

For cheese lovers, Quattro Formaggi offers an irresistible combination of four Italian cheeses: mozzarella, gorgonzola, fontina and parmesan. Easy, convenient and delicious!

Chicken and corn pizza

The good thing about this recipe is how easy it is to adapt. The amount of corn, cheese, and even the chicken itself can easily be adjusted to your personal preferences.

Pizza Stroganoff with Baked Potatoes

For those who love exotic flavors, far from the classic Italian versions, this is a good option.

Strawberry and truffle pizza

A delicious combination that pairs very well on the palate and is a great dessert to end the evening.

Three Brazilian Pizzerias Are Among the World's 100 Best
Three Brazilian Pizzerias Are Among the World’s 100 Best

Source: Terra

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