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Cat’s Eyes: The TF1 Event Series With Camille Lou Is Revealed With A Trailer

Cat’s Eyes: The TF1 Event Series With Camille Lou Is Revealed With A Trailer

Cat’s Eyes: The TF1 Event Series With Camille Lou Is Revealed With A Trailer

TF1 adapts Signed Cat’s Eyes live

Adapted from the manga of the same name by Tsukasa Hôjô, Signed Cat’s Eyes was one of the most successful anime in the 80s its story focuses on the Chamade sisters, managers of a bar. At night, they transform into unmatched thieves. However, they follow the rule of stealing only the objects that belonged to their father, who disappeared during the Second World War. Their goal is to reunite his entire collection hoping to find it.

Several decades after its broadcast, the anime with a total of seventy-three episodes will be revisited. In March 2023, we learned that TF1 had decided to offer a reboot of the adventures of the Chamade sistersin the form of a live action series. A few months later, a trailer for this new version, whose title was shortened to Cat eyesit has been put online.

A first rhythmic trailer of the series

The first images of Cat eyes Let’s discover the three interpreters of the Chamade sisters in action. Played by Camille Lou, Constance Labbé and Claire Romain, Tamara, Sylia and Alexia thus transform into thieves in a rhythmic trailerThe heroines confront each other two antagonistsplayed by Gilbert Melki and Élodie Fontan.

According to the synopsis of this reboot, the story of Cat eyes was transported to Paris in 2023. While their father had disappeared years before, the sisters at the center of the story learn one day that a work belonging to him is part of an exhibition at the Eiffel Tower. To understand the truth about their father’s disappearance, they decide to become thieves to steal it. An inspector will then have the task of unmasking them. But he doesn’t suspect it his great love is one of the thieves.

An unknown release date but several seasons are planned

TF1 has then shared the first images of Cat eyes. On the other hand, The trailer does not reveal the release date episodes of the series. If we can hope to discover them starting next school year, we will have to wait for confirmation from the channel to find out. In any case, TF1 intends to extend the story of the Chamade sisters beyond this first season. In November 2023, 7 days of television he had stated it the three main actresses of the series had signed for three seasons. Unless the premiere achieves the expected success, the show would then have to continue after its broadcast.

Source: Cine Serie

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