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LATAM expands flights to Rio Grande do Sul

LATAM expands flights to Rio Grande do Sul

LATAM expands flights to Rio Grande do Sul

A new route between Guarulhos and Pelotas will open from 3/8 […]

Rio Grande do Sul’s emergency network has been strengthened.

To maintain the State’s connectivity with the rest of Brazil in the second half of the year, while operations at Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre, are not normalized, LATAM has already expanded its operations by 20% to keep the State connected to Brazil.

From August 3, a new route will be opened between Guarulhos (SP) and Pelotas (RS), using the A319 aircraft with capacity for up to 140 passengers.

From August to October there will be 4 flights per week (round trip). From November the route will be operated regularly by VOEPASS, with 8 flights per week (also round trip) with aircraft from the company’s fleet.

The company also maintains 24 weekly flights on the routes between São Paulo (Congonhas and Guarulhos airports) and Caxias do Sul, starting in July. In August the routes will increase, reaching 34 weekly landings and take-offs.

The São Paulo-Canoas operation maintains the volume started at the end of June, with 34 weekly flights between the capital São Paulo (Congonhas and Guarulhos) and the air base in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre.

Check-in will again take place at Salgado Filho Airport

From July 15, passengers departing from Canoas Air Base must check in at Salgado Filho Airport three hours before their flight, always prioritizing automatic check-in via the company’s website or app.

Boarding and disembarking at this location will be done remotely by bus and check-in closes 1:30 before each flight.

It is worth noting that boarding or disembarking directly at Canoas Air Base is not permitted.

All passengers with flights scheduled to/from Porto Alegre until October 26 can change their tickets or request a refund free of charge within 12 months from the date of the original first flight.

This change can be made directly on the LATAM website, in the My Trips section.

Trips to/from Porto Alegre can be changed to a new trip to/from Caxias do Sul (CXJ), Passo Fundo (PFB), Pelotas (PET). And from August 3, to/from Florianópolis (FLN), Jaguaruna (JJG), Navegantes (NVT), Chapecó (XAP), Joinville (JOI), Curitiba (CWB), Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) or to Canoas Air Base (QNS).

Source: Terra

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