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Marina Ruy Barbosa Wears R,300 Look in London

Marina Ruy Barbosa Wears R$29,300 Look in London

Marina Ruy Barbosa Wears R,300 Look in London

After enjoying the heat and the beaches of the Caribbean, Marina Ruy Barbosa traveled to London, England. Even though it was summer in Europe, the temperature was lower and we asked for warmer pieces.

What was Marina Ruy Barbosa’s look like?

The actress wore a cream-colored knitted ensemble, made from wool. The cardigan (R$ 6.6 thousand) has feathers on her lap and a midi skirt (R$4.950) makes the resource appear in the bar.

He also wore a long leather coat (R$ 17.8 thousand) brown in color. Alexandra Rich sign the pieces.

The accessories are black: bag, tights and décolleté. To finish, hair gathered in a ponytail and maxi jewel earrings.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Tips to get inspired for your look

#ficaadica1: Cream, brown, caramel, sand… tones haveRoseORS are on the rise! The trend is towards neutral colors, which facilitate the creation of compositions and, for this reason, have become considered the “new black”.

#ficaadica2: Wearing an open jacket helps to lengthen and slim the silhouette, because it creates two vertical lines.

#ficaadica3: Feathers are on the rise and bring charm and lightness. But they can add volume. So, analyze yourself in front of the mirror. The advice is to keep them away from areas where you want to hide measurements.

#ficaadica4: Short girls should pay attention to the length averagewhich is below the knee or up to the middle of the leg, because it can flatten the silhouette. The advice is to opt for a slightly shorter piece or invest in tricks to lengthen, such as V-necks, monochromatic looks and nude shoes.

#ficaadica5: Do you want an easy-to-make yet elegant hairstyle? Bet on the ponytail. It works well in both informal and more formal settings. It is also a good choice to highlight Maxi earringsWear it with a turtleneck in winter and cool off on hot summer days.

Source: Terra

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