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Winter is here, learn simple bean soup recipes to warm you up on cold days

Winter is here, learn simple bean soup recipes to warm you up on cold days

Winter is here, learn simple bean soup recipes to warm you up on cold days

Discover three different bean soup recipes: one without meat, one with cachaça and one Italian

Soup is one of the oldest dishes in history and every part of the world has its own version. Here in South America, bean soup is a typical dish, which has also become popular in Brazil, which already has a declared passion for beans, as it is another delicious option to keep warm on the coldest days. Now that winter has arrived, we offer you 3 easy bean soup recipes for different palates, one vegan, one with cachaça and one Italian with a French touch. Check out the following easy bean soup recipes:

Vegan Bean Soup

This is a soup that both vegans and non-vegans will enjoy. Chef Flavio Stern, from Trilhas do Araçari, shared with us the recipe for a delicious red bean soup with mushrooms, smoked tofu and seasonal vegetables. It is a simple and flavorful recipe, perfect for lunch or dinner.

Bean soup with cachaça

This dish is one of the most delicious recipes by Rafael Moraes, executive chef of Festivais Ceagesp. In the colder months of the year he collaborates with the Sagra de la Zuppa, which offers a menu with more than 80 versions of the dish until the end of the season. In this easy recipe for bean soup with bacon and cachaça, he teaches you exactly how to pay attention to all the ingredients involved, which is extremely important for a delicious result.



Minestrone is an Italian soup made with a variety of vegetables. In this easy recipe served at the French bakery Boulangerie Carioca, executive chef Wagner Ribeiro uses white beans accompanied by a variety of vegetables, such as celery, zucchini, and carrots. Check out the step-by-step guide to this minestrone at the link below.

For soup lovers:

Now that we’ve talked a little about the famous bean soup here in Brazil, how about learning about soups from other parts of the world? Onion soup, for example, originated in France, created by farmers who used ingredients from the region where they lived, such as onions, water, and bread. Over time, its preparation became more and more sophisticated and new versions emerged. Check out our recipe book and learn 3 versions of onion soup.

Besides Italy and France, other countries in Europe and Asia have delicious soups. In Russia we have Borscht, a brightly colored beetroot soup. In Portugal, the traditional caldo verde, famous during the São João festivities, Gazpacho, a classic Spanish tomato soup. And miso soup, a Japanese miso soup. Check out our international soups section.

Do you like soup with parmigiana?

Who hasn’t put a little parmesan on their pasta or in their soup? It’s no secret that parmesan goes well with a variety of dishes, but how do you know which brand of parmesan is the best among the many on the market? We invited a team of judges to analyze 16 brands and say which one is the best. Check out our test and some interesting facts about this delicious cheese.

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