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Breaded Chicken in the Airfryer: Crispy, Dry, Healthy

Breaded Chicken in the Airfryer: Crispy, Dry, Healthy

Breaded Chicken in the Airfryer: Crispy, Dry, Healthy

Learn how to make delicious breaded chicken and prepare it in the Airfryer: your health will thank you

A breaded, golden and crispy chicken, without frying, in the Airfryer

Recipe for 2 people.

Classic (no restrictions), Lactose Free

Preparation: 00:45

Interval: 00:20


1 cutting board(s), 1 bowl(s), 1 meat whisk(s), 2 bowls (or soup plates), 1 pastry brush(s) (or spray bottle)




cup = 240 ml, tablespoon = 15 ml, teaspoon = 10 ml, teaspoon = 5 ml

Chicken Fillet Steaks Ingredients:

– 400 g of cleaned chicken fillet – 2 units per person.

– 1 clove of garlic, minced (optional)

– Salt to taste

– pepper to taste


– 1 egg unit diluted in a little filtered water, or enough.

– 1/2 cup(s) breadcrumbs, or enough for coating. (or panko flour)

– salt to taste (pinch)

Ingredients TO SPRAY OR BRUSH (optional)

-oil to taste (optional)


  1. Start by preparing and seasoning the chicken fillets (see preparation).
  2. Set aside the other ingredients and utensils for the recipe.
  3. Beat the eggs with a little water and a pinch of salt in a bowl or deep plate.
  4. Place the breadcrumbs in another bowl or deep plate.


Chicken breast (do this step before continuing preparation):

  1. Peel the garlic clove (optional) and chop it very finely.
  2. Cut the chicken breast into steaks (2 pieces per person), weighing approximately 100 g each.
  3. Place the steaks, one at a time, in a plastic bag and on a cutting board beat them with a whisk to make them thin and of uniform thickness for easier cooking.
  4. Place the chicken fillets in a bowl and season with minced garlic (optional), salt and pepper and set aside.
  5. Continue pre-preparation (point 2).

Chicken Milanese – breading:

  1. Preheat the Airfryer to 200°C.
  2. Coat the chicken fillets in breadcrumbs, shaking off any excess.
  3. Next, dip the fillets in the beaten egg(s) and let them drain.
  4. Finally, pass the fillets in the breadcrumbs again, pressing well to coat them evenly.

Chicken Milanese – Airfryer:

  1. Brush or drizzle the steaks with a little oil (optional) to create a crispy crust.
  2. Place the steaks in the Airfryer basket, without overlapping. Cook in stages, if necessary, depending on the size of the basket.
  3. Close the Airfryer drawer and bake for about 20 minutes, turning the steaks halfway through cooking to brown them evenly.


  1. Once ready, remove the drawer from the Air fryer and tidy up breaded chicken on a serving dish or, if you prefer, distribute it directly on the plates.

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