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Advice from the Benzedeira: prosperity rituals for the month of August

Get these tips for the month of August

The new month has arrived and to take a look at the superstitions that surround it, get to know some prosperity baths and rituals for August, which, by the way, also brings a strong harvest energy from what we are planting.

Prosperity rituals for August

Take a slice of bread (which is related to abundance and abundance) and crumble it on the earth, imagining that you are sowing your prosperity. Make a circle with these crumbs, simulating the movement of the Sun, thinking that the light that reaches you is your success. Do this movement until the crumbs are gone and say: “I sow, I reap, I get rewards.” Repeat this sentence with concentration and with great determination.

Baths to attract good luck throughout the month

First week bathroom:

Basil + Rosemary + Rue

Throw this bathroom upside down

Second week bathroom:

Basilio + Open Paths

Throw this bathroom upside down

Third week bathroom:

Basil + Scented Mallow + Sword of St. George

Download this bath from the neck down

Fourth week bathroom:

Basil + Scented Mallow + Sword of Santa Barbara

Download this bath from the neck down

After each bath performed, it is recommended to light a yellow candle for prosperity and to recite the Prayer to Open the Ways:

O Glorious St. George, in this most difficult moment of my life, I beg you to grant my request and that with your sword, your strength and your defense power, I can cut through all the evil that is in my life.

O glorious St. George, give me courage and hope, strengthen my faith, my spirit of life and help me in my request.

O glorious St. George, bring peace, love and harmony into my heart, into my home and into all those around me.

O glorious St. George, by the faith I place in you, guide me, defend me and protect me from all evil. May it be so and so it is “

Cris Meinberg is a Benzedeira, Teacher of Blessing and Ancestors, Sensitive in Energy Alignment, Life Mission and Paths of Opening

Source: Terra

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