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How to end insomnia: 5 techniques to improve sleep

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Find out how your habits can directly interfere while resting

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Sleep quality speaks volumes about health and lifestyle habits contribute to this. Therefore, knowing how to end insomnia is important. An adult who sleeps seven to nine hours a day, for example, goes through four or five full sleep cycles. And each of them lasts from 90 to 120 minutes. These cycles have two types: REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (slow eye movement).

The types of sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, NREM sleep accounts for about 75% of our sleep and occurs in three stages:

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N1: when you are only sleeping or sleeping lightly.

N2: the onset of sleep, with constant breathing and heart rate and a drop in body temperature.

N3: Also known as slow wave sleep, the most restorative phase. It happens when the muscles relax, blood pressure drops, and breathing slows down. And this is where regeneration begins.

Therefore, the next step in the sleep cycle is REM, which accounts for about 25% of the time the eyes are closed at night. As a result, REM phases occur approximately every 90 minutes, with the textures stretching a bit as the night goes by.

Therefore, during REM sleep, the body is relaxed and immobile, dreams occur, and the eyes move backward under the eyelids. In this way, the stress hormone – cortisol – decreases. It will increase again as morning approaches.

The importance of sleeping well

A survey conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (Ibope) found that 65% of Brazilians have poor sleep quality. And, according to Matheus Motta, a nutritionist who graduated from the School of Nutrition of the Federal State University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), this is serious.

“Every day we are connected and attentive to the needs of everyday life. However, when we go to bed we forget that there is no switch that, when pressed, disconnects us from the outside world and helps us sleep. For this to happen, it is necessary to create habits. healthier and a regular sleep routine is one of them, “she says.

“Sleep affects every part of our body and, when it is of poor quality, puts people at risk for a number of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, depression and obesity. In addition to affecting their productivity in daily activities, it alters their mood. and harm your decision-making process, “he adds.

How to get rid of insomnia

get ready to sleep

Choose a relaxing activity, from taking a bath to reading in bed.

Disconnect from electronic devices

Checking a last email, scrolling through the social media feed or even playing games is a habit that interferes with the quality of sleep. Blue light from screens can slow down melatonin, the sleep-producing hormone.

Plan to go to bed at the same time

Habits are created through repetition. Scheduling sleep at the same time each day trains your body to rest better and with higher quality.

Try the three good things technique

Before going to sleep, think about three good things that have happened in your day. Grateful people are less likely to have negative and worrying thoughts when they fall asleep.

Limit alcohol and coffee

At night a glass of wine is always welcome after a busy day, however, drinking alcohol before bed can wake you up during the night.

Source: Matheus Motta, nutritionist.

Source: Terra

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