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Sweet dad? Selena Gomez is dating an older man; know the benefits

The expert explains what a “sugar daddy” is and what women are looking for in a relationship like this

Selena Gomez gives details about her date with an older man

In an interview with Elle magazine, the singer and actress Selena Gomez revealed that she was dating an older man – Also known as ‘sweet dad’ – and said he enjoyed the experience. Then she highlighted all the care and attention she got from him: “I was taking care of me in a certain way. It was like, ‘Are you comfortable? Do you want a blanket?’ Just really sweet things. I thought I didn’t need any of that, but he was so kind and I don’t think many people are like that anymore. “

For the specialist in “sugary” relationships, Caio Bittencourt, this is exactly the kind of relationship women are looking for these days. “The greatest desire of women today is a mature, successful, drama-free relationship. They are looking for a caring and helpful man who is always concerned for his partner’s well-being and can help wherever needed.”

What does it mean to have a “sugar daddy”?

Caio works for one of the largest platforms to promote “sugary” relationships in the country, where mature and successful men are looking for young and beautiful partners to “cuddle” financially. The application is specific for those who want to be in ‘sweetest child’ and look for a ‘sweet dad’or viceversa.


Hence, he points out that one of the pillars of the “sugar” relationship is the transparency and honesty. “The ‘Sugar Daddy’ is a financially stable man and is there to provide good experiences. This is not just the dream relationship of young women these days; maybe basically everyone wants someone to take his hand and say, ‘ It’s okay, you can let me take care of you ‘”, he concludes.

Therefore, for those women who seek affection and care in their relationships – among other benefits – the relationship with sugar can be an alternative. The important thing is to be happy, regardless of your way of loving.

Source: Caio Bittencourt, specialist in “sugar” relations and Communications Director of the MeuPatrocínio platform.

Source: Terra

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