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Homemade Dulce de leche: Ask questions about how to prepare it

Cooking Guide - Homemade Dulce de leche: Ask questions about how to prepare it

Have you ever thought about doing homemade milk jam and gave up for fear of cooking the can in the pressure cooker?

It is time to learn the correct and safe way to make dulce de leche. The Kitchen Guide brings the guidelines for you. Look that:

Tips for making homemade dulce de leche

For the condensed milk to turn into dulce de leche it is sufficient to cook it inside the package, which in this case must only be the version in can! So, just follow the steps:

Method of preparation

Remove the label from the can and place it inside the pressure cooker. Add water to cover two fingers above the can. Cover the pressure cooker and put it on the stove. Start counting the minutes from the moment the pan starts to sizzle. After the desired time has elapsed, let the pressure naturally release. Wait for the can to cool down and enjoy it!

Important: remember to open the condensed milk can only when it is completely cold to avoid accidents.

perfect cooking time

The rule is simple: how much more time Cooked, darker and more consistent The homemade dulce de leche will remain. Check the references:

  • Between 20 and 30 minutes under pressure: the candies will be clear and with a very creamy consistency. Suitable for filling or covering different recipes.
  • For 40 minutes under pressure: it will be a little more consistent and dark, but still mellow, ideal for eating with a spoon.
  • From 50 minutes to 1 hour under pressure: you will have one sweet sliced, dark and of a harder consistency, but still creamy. To remove it from the can, cut it from both sides and, with the lid itself, push the candy.

Now that you’re ready to make the delicious dulce de leche, how about learning how to make it? light and dietetic condensed milk? Find out the step by step here!

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