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Spring: 5 plants that are easy to grow indoors

The gardener registered on GetNinjas teaches how to create an inviting and welcoming environment with natural elements


Spring has arrived and for those who are a plant lover, this is a good time to fill your home with greenery! With this in mind, gardener Maer José da Silva, who works for GetNinjas, has selected five easy-to-grow plants that will make your home happier. Take a look below:

French lace


With thin foliage and thick stems, it grows in the shade. It can be stored in places with a temperature between 20 and 35 degrees, with natural light and ventilation, but never exposed directly to the sun (as it can burn). On very hot days it needs daily watering. It is a great option for those who want to decorate the interior space of the home or office.

Portuguese income


It also has thin foliage and thick stems and can reach half a meter in length. It should be grown in the shade and appreciates heat and high humidity. It is a great option for those who live in an apartment and want to give more life to environments such as the balcony.

Hawaiian beehive


With small, oval, gray-green foliage, the plant usually has tabular, usually orange, flowers. It blooms in spring and remains until the end of summer. It requires more care in winter, as it does not like low temperatures or strong winds. Perfect for places with natural light and ambient temperature.

hive of lipstick


With foliage in thin, long branches and a tan-green hue, it acquires small reddish lipsticks, which bloom during the summer. He loves strong light, but always indirect, and it is a great option for environments such as the balcony and for those who love colorful plants.

deer horn


Belonging to the fern family, it has fine foliage, velvety texture and a greenish color which, over time, becomes brownish. It should be kept indoors, with temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees. It is a good decoration option for rooms such as the living room.

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Source: Terra

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