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Covid: Campinas reopens the field hospital and strengthens the recommendation for the use of the mask in transport

The largest city in the interior of São Paulo, with 1.2 million inhabitants, faces an increase in cases and hospitalizations from the disease

the prefecture of Campinasin the interior of São Paulo, he decided to reopen the field hospital for the hospitalization of patients with COVID-19🇧🇷 The municipality has also extended the “strong recommendation” for the use of the mask, already in force indoors, for municipal public transport. The largest city in the interior of São Paulo, with 1.2 million inhabitants, faces an increase in cases and hospitalizations from the disease.

The field hospital will be operational from Friday the 25th onwards Emergency Department (UPA) Carlos Lourenço, which will be closed this Thursday 24, for the transfer of patients not affected by covid and for the adaptation of the structures. The reopening of the ward will offer 23 covid-exclusive beds, including 18 for infirmary, two for isolation and three with respiratory support for emergencies.

The UPA sees an average of 210 patients a day, who now, not being covid cases, have to be seen by other units.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, it is the third time that the ward has been transformed into a field hospital to deal with covid-19. The precedents were between July and August 2020, in the first wave of the pandemic, and between January and November 2021, in the following two waves.

Now, the city is experiencing an increase in cases and hospitalizations due to the circulation of variants of the coronavirus. This week the municipal network of the Unified Health System (sus) has reached 100% occupancy of the general beds.

According to the municipal health secretariat, more than 75% of the 55 people hospitalized with covid-19 in Campinas between August 28 and November 19 had an incomplete vaccination schedule.

Of the total hospitalized, 13 went to intensive care and, of these, 10 had not received all the recommended doses. As the director of the Department of Health Surveillance (Devisa) Andrea von Zuben says, the vaccine is available in 66 health centers in the city and preventive programming is not necessary.

This Wednesday, the municipal commission to deal with the pandemic “strongly” recommended the use of the mask in municipal public transport. Since the last day 17, the recommendation is already valid for “poorly ventilated rooms”, also in trade.

Between October 30 and November 5, the city recorded 434 positive cases, a total that rose to 799 in the following week, an increase of 84%. In the same periods, attendance at the municipal SUS increased from 3,122 to 5,033. In the week from 13 to 19 of this month, 6,083 cases were treated.

Other cities in the interior of São Paulo have started recommending the use of masks indoors after the increase in covid-19 cases.

The Department of Health of Sao Jose do Rio Preto he asked that the population return to using the visor indoors, with gatherings of people and, above all, on public transport.

In Prudent President, the use of the mask is again recommended and is already part of the residents’ routine. According to the Secretary of Health, Márcia Lima Dantas, there has been a 250% increase in positive cases this month compared to the same period in October.

In Araçatuba, the mask recommendation includes shopping malls and supermarkets. In Ourinhos, Santa Casa already has a patient with covid-19 in the queue for hospitalization and has decided to suspend the entry of children, the elderly and people with flu symptoms to visit hospitalized patients.

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