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World Cup 2022: 4 signs most enthusiastic about enjoying matches

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Check if you are among the signs that will cheer the most for the Brazilian team at the World Cup in Qatar!

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This Thursday (24) the first match of the Brazilian team in the Qatar World Cup🇧🇷 And, as the match approaches, the expectation of some zodiac signs to cheer and vibrate with every goal only increases! Is this your case? Find out below:


Outgoing and communicative, Geminis are always looking for fun. Therefore, they are outgoing people who know how to turn a chance meeting with friends into something memorable. No wonder, it’s one of the most enthusiastic signs to enjoy the World Cup and, of course, cheer a lot for the national team.


The native of Sagittarius love fun🇧🇷 loves to travel and is ready for any activity that awakens adventure and excitement🇧🇷 So, he is definitely excited to follow all the matches of the Brazilian team and cheer like he is in the stadium.


lion is a party sign that loves to be the center of attention🇧🇷 Plus, he’s incredibly outgoing and isn’t afraid to try new experiences, especially with his friends. This is why Leos are part of the sign team that must be very anxious about the matches in Brazil!


Any date can be cause for celebration for a Scorpio, including a sporting event. So him you might even think about throwing a small party at home to enjoy games with friends🇧🇷 But remember that this sign is very competitive and, therefore, can be too stressed during the match.

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