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Brazil at the World Cup: films and series about the selection to warm up

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The Brazilian soccer team makes its debut at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022 this Thursday (24), in a duel against Serbia. For those who want to warm up to the game by immersing themselves in the history of our national team, the I have prepared this list with different movie and series options to get into the mood of the game.

Brazil 2002: behind the scenes of Penta

There’s nothing like getting into the mood for a sixth title by watching how Brazil won their fifth title in 2002, with the documentary “Brasil 2002: Os Bastidores do Penta”. The Netflix film offers a behind-the-scenes look at the winning team in Japan and South Korea, including never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews.

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Where to watch: Netflix

All or nothing – Brazilian national team

Another success story is the 2019 Copa América, where our team was trying to prove itself playing at home, and still had to deal with the injury of its star player, Neymar.

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The Amazon Prime Video documentary series “Tudo ou Nada” has several editions, following the backstage of the teams in sports competitions. The Brazilian team has been chosen for the Copa America 2019. Excellent choice, after all, Brazil lifted the cup at the end of the competition.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


Thiago Silva will wear the Brazilian national team captaincy armband for the second consecutive World Cup. And Netflix has a documentary series in which it features six national team captains, on their trajectories through qualifying for the Qatar Cup. In “Capithaes”, Thiago Silva is played in the second episode.

Where to watch: Netflix

Official film of the 1970 World Cup

Another option is to dive into the past and watch the ‘official film of the 1970 World Cup’ and go back in time to see how Brazil won three of a kind. The full film is available on YouTube and can be viewed above.

Where to watch: YouTube (above)

Selection of stars

Another shorter option is to watch the “Selecção de Estrelas” video series, a partnership between CBF and the video application Kwai. The videos are short and vertically recorded, featuring Tite and her team, presented by the athletes themselves, including testimonials from their friends and family.

Where to watch: Kwai

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