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Juliana Nehme: Brazilian model is prevented from boarding a flight and accuses the airline of fatphobia

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The influencer claimed she was forced to buy more expensive tickets because she was fat; he has been trying to return from Lebanon to Brazil for two days

Two days ago the model and influencer Juliana Nehme try to undertake a return journey from Lebanon, the country where his mother was born and which he dreamed of visiting. For five years he saved up for her to make ends meet for the trip, but when he tried to get back to her Brazilhe was banned for being fat.

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The report was shared by her through the stories of Instagram🇧🇷 According to the model, the airline Qatar Airwaysthrough which she bought the return flight, wanted to force her to buy a business class ticket.

He said he bought the ticket for U$S 1,000 (about R$5,000). The price of the executive ticket is U$S 3,000 (about R$ 15,000), an amount that the influencer does not have.

“Arrived at check-in, a Qatari stewardess called my mother and told her that I was not welcome on board because I am fat,” Juliana said. Tickets were withheld from her, her mother, sister and nephew.

The influencer also claimed he was threatened and pushed by an employee while trying to record the situation. After two hours of trying to negotiate with the company, the sister and nephew managed to get on board, but she and her mother are still in the countryside.

“I was extremely humiliated in front of all the people at the airport. All because I’m fat,” she wrote.

“I never imagined I’m going through what I’m going through”

After the fallout from the case, Juliana crafted a series of stories chronicling the fat phobia she suffered in the country and from people on the internet. According to her, people close to her also criticized her for going on a long journey.

“People look at me as if I’m a monster. More and more every day, it seems that we are wrong. Many people suffer from it. This is no joke. Being fat in Brazil or in the world is no joke. I don’t “I don’t want no one goes through this,” the model complained.

He said he even gave up a trip to cappadociabut he said he hadn’t stopped traveling to Lebanon because it was his and his mother’s dream.

Juliana now has the backing of the project fat by rightseeking lawyers working with international law in the Lebanon region to take the appropriate legal steps.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims to support Juliana Nehme

In a statement sent to Stageor Minister of Foreign Affairs reported that the Brazilian Embassy in Beirut is in contact with the national Embassy to provide assistance to Juliana in accordance with current international treaties.

This Thursday, 24, the model confirmed that she receives support from the Brazilian consulate and ambassador in the country and that she is being helped “in any way possible”.

According to her, Qatar Airways has not yet given up on the decision to force the influencer to buy a more expensive ticket. The company requires her to buy two tickets for herself and one for her mother, in addition to the fine for not boarding on the day of the flight.

OR Stage also contacted Qatar Airways but received no response at the time of publishing.

Read Itamaraty’s note in full:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Brazilian Embassy in Beirut, is in contact with the citizen and provides the appropriate assistance to the Brazilian citizen, in accordance with the international treaties in force.

In compliance with the right to privacy and the provisions of the Law on access to information and Legislative Decree 7724/2012, detailed information can only be transmitted with the prior authorization of the interested parties. Therefore, the MRE will not be able to provide specific data on individual cases of assistance to Brazilian citizens.”

*Intern under the supervision of Charlise de Morais

Juliana Nehme has been trying to return to Brazil for two days.

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