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5 affordable decoration options to change the bedroom and living room

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It is possible to give a new look to the house without spending a lot of money; see the ways on how to do it

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Change the decor of the house bring fresh air into the house are wishes that are part of many people’s priority lists. However, the price of remodeling or buying large decorative pieces is a major obstacle. So how about renovating spaces like the bedroom and living room in an affordable way?

So it is! Small changes in these rooms can already give a new face Your house. Here are some cheap tips for decorating the bedroom or living room without spending a lot. You will be surprised!

Change the color of the walls

One of the best known ways to completely change the aesthetics of an environment without having such a high cost is to paint the walls. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the conventional way of painting the walls of a room: you can paint just one of the walls in the room – or even half a wall. It’s a charm!

Painting the wall a new color can be a way to transform the room and the environment –

bet on plants

Another easy way to change your bedroom or living room is add plants for environment🇧🇷 Plants can be on the ground, on shelves or even hung from the ceiling, it all depends on your tastes and the spaces available at home!

enjoy the walls

Using the walls to paste or hang decorative objects is also an incredible option for those on a budget. Frames or stickers are not necessarily expensive and already lead to very special touch for any environment.

Another interesting idea is to focus on something more personalized, with photos scattered on the walls, for example, or on mirrors, which in addition to decorating, manage to give the impression that the room is larger.

Pictures and decorative objects on the walls make everything more beautiful in an affordable way –

Do it yourself

She does her decoration! If you’re into DIY, there are several ways you can decorate your living room or bedroom on a budget. How about, for example, using fabric or pebbles to enhance the look of potted plants? The DIY options in this sense are endless, in fact search for tutorials on the Internet or find new ideas yourself🇧🇷 What matters here is using creativity!

Thinking outside the box

Finally, thinking outside the box will help you notice objects that, despite not being common in decoration, can give you that change you crave so much. There are people who have collections of mugs, key rings, buttons, postcards, books… And all this makes the aesthetics of your living room or bedroom much more interesting!

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