Thursday, February 2, 2023

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December has 9 energy: know what it means, according to Numerology

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We have reached the last month of the year and it comes with a lot of energy from the registrations: get ready to be intense! Usually the month of December it’s already accelerated on its own as people and companies rush to close their commitments, meet their goals for the year, close the school year in schools and colleges for finally the holidays! But, this time, we will be more anxious and accelerated due to the numerological vibration of month 9 – a number that speaks of the end of cycles. Therefore, pay attention to everything you do in this stage, including your emotions.

9 flip in December

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9 is the number of wisdom, because it has gone through all experiences from 1 to 8. Therefore, it is the final number of the cycle.

9 is pure love that teaches itself and others all its acquired knowledge and virtues

9 is the intelligence that knows how to move forward towards a new beginning.

Now collect the energy of 9..

With 6, which is the main vibration of the year 2022

And 12 – number of the month of December which means saving the faith and seeing life from another angle.

You realize now that December Do they tend to be more intense and agitated than usual?

Therefore, the advice for you to make the most of these vibes and free yourself from year-end stress is: focus on what is essential and priority in your life. Don’t complicate things! Make a list of everything that needs to be done, tie up any loose ends, do your best, and ask divine wisdom to guide you along the right path.

Text: Liggia Ramos – Numerologist and Tarologist

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