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‘Travessia’ features a robot as a soap opera character and generates web memes; watch

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Haroldo, who utters phrases and emotional signals, plays a waiter in the plot

The soap opera Crossroadin Gloria Perezfeatures a robot as the new 9pm character Rede Globe🇧🇷 In the story, the owner Nunes (Oran Figueiredo) features the robot, Haroldo, as the new waiter at his café. The entrepreneur’s intention is to increase the technology of the place.

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In a statement sent to the press, Globo says the machine memorizes sentences and emits emotional signals in the story, which has technology as one of its central themes. The robot was created by the issuer.

John Rizzo, the channel’s head of special effects, says he used industrial communication protocols to develop the robot’s radio frequency technologies. For motor control, the team adopts the programmable interpolation module.

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“In this way, in addition to the autonomous functions, it is possible to adjust the parameters in a simpler and more reliable way, obtaining the adjustment necessary for the robot to act on the scene,” says the professional in a note.

To control the machine, the team uses an application that sends commands about Haroldo’s locomotion, speech and expression. The digital guidelines are made by the direction of the soap opera.

With more than 20 ideas for the appearance of the robot, the manager also says the character input Crossroad it should stimulate debate about how we use technology in our daily lives. The plot also seeks to broaden the discussion of social change that could occur if robots replaced humans at work.

public reception

Crossroad faces a lot of criticism from the public, mainly due to the casting of Jade Picone as Chiara, one of the protagonists of the plot. The choice of the exBig Brother Brazil it turned viewers off — many say she wasn’t quite ready to take on the role.

It was no different with Haroldo’s arrival on the soap opera. The public criticized and created web memes with the robot. “He served disappointment,” said one. “He said ‘let’s be together’… Honestly, for God’s sake,” commented another.

Check out the feedback:

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