Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Discover the characteristics of oriental decoration of Chinese origin

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Tendency appreciates balance and keeps only the essentials in the rooms

In recent times, the Chinese reference decoration has fallen into the public taste. Amanda Lima, interior designer, explains that this happens because it is a trend which values ​​balance and keeps only the essentials. “This moment of pandemic and social isolation has made us rethink the way we live in our homes. Furthermore, ever smaller spaces require these applicable features,” she adds.

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Main features

According to Amanda Lima, the main features of decoration The mix of tones, the colored fabrics and the dragon prints and objects are oriental with a Chinese reference. The interior designer points out that red, black and gold colors stand out in this decorative style.

It is ideal that the decoration consists of low and functional furniture.

application at home

Regarding the application of this type of decoration in the house, Amanda Lima clarifies that the walls of the house must be painted vibrant tones. Decorative items should also have strong colors. He comments that Asian screens, landscape paintings and graphics are worth investing in.

Furthermore, the interior designer says that the ideal is that the decoration consists of low and functional furniture. Lighting should be balanced between candles and Chinese lamps.

natural elements

In addition to all the elements listed above, this type of decoration also tries to work natural elements. Amanda Lima comments that the bonsai, the water source, the bamboo and the stones help in the composition of a Chinese reference atmosphere.

Necessary care

The decorator comments that one of the tricks taken with this type of decoration is related to furniture arrangement. Since they are low-hanging pieces, it is important that they are well structured in any setting. This will prevent domestic accidents.

Amanda Lima explains that another necessary precaution is in relation to the colors. Because they are strong shades, they should be used sparingly. Thus, the place will not have a polluted design. Finally, the specialist warns against overloading with decorative items. According to her, the excess of objects leaves the environment with a messy appearance.

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