Sunday, February 5, 2023

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Want to stay lit brunette for the summer? Discover the Candlelit Brunette tone, the hair trend of the time

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This light brown tone is more subtle. Favorite of fashionistas all over the world, leave aside the honey or golden shades and go through variations of light and medium brown.

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Would you change your hair Before arrival of summer🇧🇷 One of trends for next season and the light brown tone called Brunette by candlelight🇧🇷 It’s the ideal option for those who want to lighten their hair, but are afraid of getting super blonde, as in very platinum milky blonde🇧🇷

Recently, names like Kaia Gerber, Ashley Park and Hailey Bieber have come up with this one bet for 2023explained in detail by hair stylist Tatiana Araújo, expert in coloring.

“This new strand, so to speak, of light brown is thinner, it is not honey or golden, as we usually see, but a light to medium brown tone, depending on the color of your natural hair, chocolate and coffee tones they are the main ones to realize this trend,” he explains.

The thinner strands ensure a natural look

Tatiana reports this Brunette by candlelight famous are facts babylights – very fine threads that will be pulled apart to go through the discoloration process. Thinner and more natural, they give the hair a more voluminous and fuller look, giving more movement to the strands. “The main feature of this trend is that the strands are a tone very close to your natural hair, making the face very bright but without the need to go blonde, which is great for summer, as it is an enemy season for hair that is super discolored and requires a lot of care so as not to have dry and brittle strands,” says the hair stylist. The trend is democratic…

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