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What Makes a Woman Truly Beautiful: Sophia Loren’s Subtle Observation

This apt quote from the ageless sex symbol of the Sophia Loren era will have you thinking about the true concept of female beauty.

All her life, the world famous Italian actress Sophia Loren hears after admiring comments about her appearance. At the same time, the star herself is convinced that true female beauty does not depend on generally accepted standards and the opinions of others. In one of her interviews, she somehow revealed the secret of true attractiveness. This insightful observation from Lauren might also make you think bigger.

“It doesn’t matter what other people think. You must be firmly convinced that you are irresistible and that you embody the most beautiful qualities put together. For example, imagine the strict proportions of a Greek statue and the proportions of an attractive, magnificent woman …

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief in her own beauty. We must firmly believe that each of us has a special beauty that the others do not have. This beauty is so dear to us that we must learn to take care of it.”said Sophia.

Now Lauren is already 88 years old, but she is still the standard of femininity for many. The actress is in perfect harmony with her age and does not try desperately to follow her youth. Sure, Lauren takes care of herself, but unlike many of her co-workers, she doesn’t take it all seriously. And here are some savvy tips the star has for all women who have entered the period of maturity:


“As you get older, you should use less makeup. It’s a simple rule. It’s always noticeable when older women try to compensate for their age with a thick layer of makeup, but it doesn’t make them more attractive.”

Do you agree with Sophia Loren?

Yes, truly wise thoughts of a beautiful woman

No, either the beauty is there from the start or it isn’t.

Source: The Voice Mag

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