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How to wash tea towels: 4 tips to always keep them sanitized

Find out how to keep the object always clean and away from unwanted stains


OR tea towel it is part of everyone’s life. An indispensable item for the kitchen, the tablecloth is present in Brazilian homes in different models and colours, some even with thematic prints of commemorative dates. It is useful for cleaning, drying dishes, collecting hot pans, drying hands and also as an ornament in the environment.

Precisely because of its multifunctionality, the article needs attention, so that it can have a greater duration over time. Therefore, knowing how to sanitize it correctly can prevent the proliferation of microorganisms, as well as the appearance of unwanted odors and stains.

Below, Camila Shammah, product manager at table, a brand specializing in bedding, tableware, bathroom and decoration items, has listed below some tips that can help you in this process. Watch:

1. Frequency of use


It is recommended that there different types of cloth in the kitchen: the traditional dish, used for soak wet dishesone to dry your hands and another for collect hot pots and the wash the cloth. “Each of them can have different colors, to avoid confusing them. The recommendation is to change them every day, so they don’t get greasy, they don’t stain and they don’t accumulate bacteria,” she says.

2. Precautions for cleaning

the tea towels it cannot be washed together with other types of fabric, such as clothes and towels. The expert’s advice is to separate the pieces before putting them in the machine. «If the garment has stains, you have to remove it manually and then put it in the washing machine. He avoids using bleach so as not to damage the fibers of the product and washes white garments separately from colored ones », he advises.

3. How to treat stains


In addition to the usual cleaning products, homemade recipes are excellent allies in this process. “You can use solutions based on lemon, vinegar and baking sodanext to boiling water, before putting the clothes in the washing machine. In this way it will be possible to remove stains that a normal washing would not remove”.

4. Storage

As with washing, kitchen towels should be stored separately. “Ideally, they should be stored in boxes, folded or rolled up in drawers. Even the fasteners used during the drying process can be placed in the space,” she concludes.

Source: Terra

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