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BBB 23: Cristian wins the agility test and wins this week’s Angel

The entrepreneur has completed the circuit in less time and on Sunday 5 will be able to immunize a participant in the training of the Paredão

This Saturday, the 4th, the Big Brother Brazil 23 was marked by another test of the angel. This time, the dispute was between Larissa, MC Guimê, Fred, Fred Nicácio, Cristian and Bruna Griphao.

The test tested the skills of the participants, who had to find the flavors of lasagna indicated on a screen in a maze. The route was timed. However, they could cut their time by 10 seconds if they found and half-pressed the bonus totem button.

Upon exiting the labyrinth, the participants found two rooms. In one of them they left the lasagna on a cart. In the other, they needed to properly assemble a new flavor of the dish. In the end, all you had to do was push a button on the microwave to complete the test.

Cristian took over, completing the course correctly in 106.516 seconds. With this, in addition to this week’s Anjo series, he has chosen Amanda and MC Guimê for the Castigo do Monstro and has invited Sarah Aline, Marvvila and Cézar for Anjo’s Luncheon. Next Sunday, 5, i Brother should immunize someone in Paredão’s lineup.

Source: Terra

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