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‘Succession’: Everything we know about season 4

Release date, synopsis, filming, images… We compile (and update) all the available details about the next season of the HBO series.

    Few doubts remain that ‘Succession’ is one of the best series of the moment, and its fourth season is already on the way. The HBO series has established itself in the seriéphile world thanks to its familiar power wars with airs shakespeariansits twisted sense of humor and its cast in a state of grace, from the hard-hitting patriarch played by Brian Cox to their desperate heirs, to whom they give life Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook and Alan Ruck. The third season, full of surprises, new signings and scenes to remember, has left the protagonists in a very complicated situation that will have to continue in the new episodes.

    We collect everything we know about the fourth season: when will filming begin? When will the release date be? Who will come back and who won’t? What paths should the Roys take from now on? Everything and more in this constantly updated article.

    ‘Succession’, season 4: release date

    It is confirmed: HBO has renewed ‘Succession’ for a fourth season. In addition, he did it just before the first episode of the third season was released, so the confidence in this television bombshell is total. And we are not surprised! Fans can rest easy knowing a new season is on the way, though. At the moment it is unknown if it is the last of the series or if they expect new batches of episodes in the future.

    “With each season of Succession, [el creador] Jesse Armstrong has continued to exceed our wildest expectations, bringing us closer to the inner sanctum of the Roy family with indelible wit, humanity and precision”Francesca Orsi, HBO’s executive vice president of programming, said in a statement. “This season is certainly no exception, and we couldn’t be more excited for all that lies ahead.”.

    At the moment the release date is unknown, but possibly ‘Succession’ returns in 2023.

    ‘Succession’, season 4: When does filming start?

    logan roy in succession

    On December 13, 2021, the last episode of the third season of ‘Succession’ was broadcast, leaving fans hungry for more. However, there is bad news on the horizon: it is quite likely that the filming will take a while to start, and therefore the return of the series could be delayed more than expected. According to the first information, filming could start in June 2022something that fits with the latest information provided by Jesse Armstrong: As of May 8, 2022, the creator stated that the script writing process is almost complete.

    Also, in an interview with the magazine GQUKactor Brian Cox revealed that the plan was to start shooting the fourth season at the beginning of the summer. “I think the writers will be back in January. I was surprised because I thought they’d be back in November. But I do think they need a break. I mean, I think they need space, because they’ve been working so hard on this show.”, assured the actor who gives life to Logan Roy. As he points out, the rise of ‘Succession’ to the top of the current television scene must have taken many hours of work, especially to get three seasons released in just four years. Even so, we hope that the wait will not be too long to meet the characters again.

    ‘Succession’, season 4: Where will the plot go?

    succession 3x07

    WATCH OUT! We are going to comment SPOILERS of the end of the third season of ‘Succession’

    The third season of ‘Succession’ did not move chips: directly blew up the game board. It all started with Kendall Roy’s declaration of war on her father, which began a whole judicial, media and family process that would last throughout the season. The first episodes made us believe that Logan Roy’s days were numbered. For example, when the brothers almost (almost!) come to an agreement in the second episode or when Logan himself almost has a heart attack when they visit a Waystar Royco shareholder played by Adrien Brody in the fourth episode.

    Kendall’s offense seemed infallible, but little by little it deflated. For his part, Shiv seemed like she could have been the chosen successor, but in the end Roman ends up eating the toast with his capricious and disturbed-minded rich boy attitude. Although, later on, it is that same attitude that causes him to return to the starting line with his father: when he mistakenly sends a photo of his penis to his mobile thinking that he was sending it to Gerri . This mistake, Shiv’s mistakes, and Kendall’s challenges eventually convince the patriarch that none of them are really ready to take on the power of Waystar Royco..

    don’t miss all our recaps it’s from the season before reading what happens at the end:

      roman in succession 3x08

      Well, at the end of the third season of ‘Succession’, we live the definitive confrontation of the Roys. After weeks of negotiations to buy the technology company GoJo, led by the unpredictable Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgard), Logan Roy decides to agree to a merger that would leave control of Waystar in Mattson’s hands. He tries to ensure that his children are placed in an office, but we are not so sure that this will happen after seeing the last scene. When they find out what his father’s intentions are, Kendall, Shiv and Roman join forces (finally!) to wrest control of the company from him. But that’s when the traitor of the season rebels: Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) has been Logan Roy’s ally all along, and he’s key in the latest episode to stop the heirs (including his wife!) from carrying out his plan.. This is how the season ends, with Shiv’s face upset when he realizes what has happened, with Roman on the ground desperate and Kendall with a lost look. Logan Roy always wins.

      How will it continue? Waystar Royco will be in the hands of Mattson, so perhaps Logan Roy will go to the background of history. After all, what she has done is leave her company in the hands of someone he believes capable of managing it so that he does not have to suffer seeing how her children dismantle it with her ineptitude. And the heirs? Kendall, Roman and Shiv will have to fend for themselves now that Waystar’s doors have been closed to them. We know that Shiv has experience as a political consultant, and we are not so clear about where Kendall and Roman would fit. For his part, Connor will follow his race to become the next president of the United States. And we hope that Tom has landed a hot seat on the new Waystar, taking Greg (Nicholas Braun) with him as his neutered Spore.. From there, for now the future of ‘Succession’ remains a mystery.

      ‘Succession’: Will there be more seasons?

      connor roy in the third season of succession

      Don’t expect much more from ‘Succession’ in the future. The executive producer of the series, Georgia Pritchetthe stated in an interview with The Times in June 2021: “I think it will be a maximum of five seasons, but possibly more like four”. At that time they were still finishing shooting the third season due to delays due to the pandemic. “Right now [el showrunner Jesse Armstrong] he is saying that he will only do one more, but this always happens. We have a good ending in mindPritchett continued. Now, we don’t know if the tremendous success of the show’s third season this fall has changed Armstrong and company’s minds. We’ll have to wait and see.

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