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Bull: M6 breaks the final season broadcast

Jason Bull’s magic no longer works on the M6. Due to a lack of audiences, the channel decided to change the Bull’s sixth and final season program from this Saturday, May 14th. Two weeks before a clean and simple cessation of broadcasting?

Although it was originally scheduled to air two new episodes a week, M6 announced that it was finally planning to air three new investigations on Saturday evening. From 9:10 p.m., Michael Weserley fans will be able to discover 3 to 5 episodes of Season 6, titled “Prince of Park Avenue,” “Weight of the Crown,” and “The Bull King.”

Next Saturday, episodes 6 through 8, “In Bad Shape,” “The Confidence Issue,” and “Jour de neige” will air the channel instead of episodes 5 and 6, as originally planned.

While the M6 ​​has not commented on this acceleration in Bulls’s last season’s broadcast pace, there is clearly reason to believe that the frustrated audience scores achieved last week at the start of the sixth round are the main reason.

In front of Meurtres à Porquerolles and The Voice, the first two episodes of Bull Season 6 gathered just 1.12 million fans for psychologist Jason Bull and his team (5.7% of the population aged 4 and over). Points from Season 5, which aired on Friday against Koh Lanta, managed to garner nearly 2 million viewers at the time.

On Saturday, May 28, the M6 ​​will hand over the Bull to Arnaques, represented by Julien Courbet. We do not yet know if the series, directed by Michael Weserley, Geneva Kari and Christopher Jackson, will return. Or if Bull followers will have to patiently shift their concerns before the final episodes of the series are revealed. As is the case with NCIS and the continuation of Season 19.

Canceled after six seasons by the American channel CBS, Bull will end across the Atlantic on May 26th. Season 6 is also available on US + 24 while watching Salto, which offers episodes on the second day of the American show on VOST. A good way to continue the series if he does not return to the M6 ​​in June.

Source: allocine

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