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Kit Connor (‘Heartstopper’), tired of being speculated about his sexuality

Actor who plays Nick Nelson addresses online rumors

    ‘Heartstopper’ star Kit Connor has asked fans to stop speculating on social media about his sexuality because of her breakout role in the Netflix romantic drama.

    Connor plays teenage rugby player Nick Nelson on the show, which is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alice Osseman. After Nick befriends his fellow student Charlie Spring (Joe Locke)begins to develop romantic feelings for him and begins to explore his sexuality as their relationship develops.

    After the debut of ‘Heartstopper’, Some fans began to speculate on social media about Connor’s own sexuality, but the actor quickly shut down the rumors on Twitter. by pointing out that no one else can try to define who he is.

    Twitter is hilarious, man. Apparently some people here know my sexuality better than I do…“, he wrote on the platform.

    The actor received a lot of support from fans for his statement, with many noting that a person’s sexuality is no one else’s business to speculate on and that it is wrong to try to define another person.

    “Let’s get some things straight,” one fan responded. “Kit has not spoken explicitly about her sexuality, so she is the only person who knows about her sexuality (and maybe friends and family). But this idea of ​​trying to cancel people for ‘queerbaiting’ without evidence… It’s absurd“.

    Another wrote: “Been fighting with multiple fans over this… You shouldn’t have to address anything it’s your right!”

    Connor’s tweet comes after her co-star (Locke) shared that she has been targeted by trolls on social mediaas he explained that people have been searching for his name along with words that include “ugly.”

    “Ahhh gorgeous,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of a search result. “Everyone should have the right to an opinion, but know that we see most of the things that people post online“.

    Connor recently revealed that he accidentally made his on-screen mother cry, the Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colemanon set while filming a crucial scene together.

    olivia colman, heart stopper

    We were reading it and suddenly Olivia started crying“, he said about the scene where Nick tells his mother that he is bisexual.

    “At first, I was thinking, ‘God, she’s really good, I need to massively improve my role here,’ so I was really worried at the time. I think later other people told me it was because it’s such a beautifully written scene and such a crucial part in the lives of so many people. I think it really moved her“.

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