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Un Si Grand Soleil: The fire will soon destroy the Alix and Virgil Club

After both had a bad patch, Alix and Virgil found new life when their paths crossed at Un Si Grand Soleil. The first, humiliated after the divorce, set up an escort business that almost cost him a prison sentence. Second, because of the death of his daughter, Leah, he almost fell into banditry again and eventually settled under the management of the camp.

Their chance meeting allowed them to have fun among the consenting elders, but they also came up with a new fruitful idea. Determined to get back into business, Alix offered to take advantage of Virgil’s experience as a former bar manager to embark on a crazy project: to create a top-notch private club in Montpellier.

After a few adventures, the two managed to reunite with Justin (Dorilia Calmel), And Senso was inaugurated with great fanfare, attracting crowds of spectators. Sadly, trouble soon ensued: in addition to the institution’s sulfur reputation – a suspect at the Libertine Club – Claire was almost raped by a client there after her friend Ellen put her in a GHB cup.

And according to Alix’s translator, Nadia Fossier, not everything is ready for the two partners. “By giving interviews to a local newspaper for advertising purposes, they will eventually become a target of hatred on social media,” he told Télé Star magazine.

They become victims of harassment and baseless rumors … Alex will take it very badly. Virgil, he will be able to respond more remotely.But that’s not all: as the magazine reveals, the media mess will add to a number of problems that force the duo to abandon the project.

Claudine is attacked in the parking lot, Claire is addicted without her knowledge, Sophia will not be able to give birth on time and it will cause chaos.“- thinks Fred Biancon, who plays the role of a virgin, and besides … the fire will spread in the facility.

Nothing will save them“Stresses the actor. If the origin of this fire is still unclear, Virgil, worried about this catastrophe, will eventually give up and be tempted when a buyer comes to them to buy a club.”In addition to the memory of his daughter’s death during a fire escape game, he feels particularly guilty for endangering users and his team.

And after this failure, Alex, according to his translator, will be able to show resilience. “Again, he will have to go back. And since he is “one life” and has no obstacles, he will completely throw himself into an area where he has never developed …

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