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Quiz: If you recognize all these invisible actors, you have super powers

Like the invisible man in the movies of the same name, we have lost these actors and actresses. Can you identify everyone? – Wrote with Ando Raminoson

Born in 1897, H.J. In the Welsh homonymous novel The Invisible Man, he often admired small and large screens, about twenty feature films featuring the character (more or less the original material), and five series, beginning in the late 2000s.

But why should a problematic character created by a novelist, who was a sign of the evolution of special effects, be the only one who could use these forces? So we have made ten actors and actresses invisible and now it is up to you to identify them.

If the adaptation of “The Invisible Man” began in 1909, it was James Wiley (already Frankenstein’s author two years earlier) who signed in 1933, who was the first to mention souls. But not the last, with a few unexpected crossovers. Like when the character confronts comedians Abbott and Costello, who are little known in France, the Gestapo, or becomes one of the doctors on Mabu, who became famous for his Fritz Lang films.

Although it was the theme of three series from 1975 to 1984, The Invisible Man was at the center of two major adaptations in the late 20th century: John Carpenter, a fantastic comedy by Chevy Chase (Bonjour les vacances, Three. Amigos, Community…) , At the head of the project; And Paul Verhoeven, the Hollow Man that came out in 2000 and that highlights the darkness of the protagonist, played by Kevin Bacon, who once transformed his lowest instincts.

Even more recently, it was Le Wenell, the co-writer of Saw, who revived the myth with a fantastic thriller against the backdrop of domestic violence. The invisibility of the character, the rich and brilliant scientist who falsified his death, thus reflects the trauma of the heroine (Elizabeth Moss) who is haunted by a painful past and the presence that she thinks she feels. With a budget of $ 7 million, Invisible Man made $ 143 million worldwide in early 2022, before the onset of the pandemic.

Source: allocine

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