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The quiz starts here: Only real Lewis fans will understand!

Broadcasting from November 2020 on TF1, here everything starts within the Auguste Armand Gastronomic Institute. At the beginning of the series, Louis is a third-year student and has a special connection to the school, which is the location of the series, as he is the son of Claire Ginott (Catherine Marshall), a renowned chef who is also part of the faculty of the institution.

The role of Fabian Wolfrom was immediately impressed by the audience. Unlike Hortens (Katherine Davidzenka), she is not one of the most popular characters in the series, on the contrary. His constant pursuit of revenge does not stop harming other characters and often has a negative impact on his personal and professional life.

Since the beginning of the series, the cook has experienced many happy and dramatic events. Love stories, lies, manipulations, life is not long for the calm river Louis.

Here it all begins with the last conspiracy once again not spared Louis. His mother is in a coma after the ceiling of the prom room collapsed.

The young man is going through a tragedy, but he is not innocent in all this. Are you really invincible in Louis’s story starting here? Who got married? What position has he never held? Test your knowledge of Louis Guino by passing this test, but be careful, only true fans will get it right!

Find it This is where it all begins Monday through Friday at 18:30 on TF1 and fully on MYTF1 and Salto.

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