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‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Jennifer Connelly talks about her sex scene with Tom Cruise

If being over fifty doesn’t stop you from starring in an action blockbuster, much less bed scenes.

    The sequel, 36 years later, to the iconic eighties film that catapulted Tom Cruise to fame should be the next box office king after ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. If it succeeds, although it is not difficult to guess, we will know from May 26, the day of its premiere. However, as much as they explain it to us, we still do not understand why Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis do not appear again in the tape. The Ryan thing is more understandable, although she could appear as the widow. However, the absence of the protagonist’s original love interest has led many to think, including McGillis herself, that she is simply why she “is old”.

    We have to admit that Tom Cruise does not look his 59 years but that the replacement for McGillis, Jennifer Connelly, is 13 years younger than her has reopened wounds in Hollywood. Are we not prepared to see Tom Cruise still in love with a woman 64 years old, who looks 64 years old?

    Jennifer Connelly, who can also boast of that eternal youth that is increasingly common in high Hollywood, is not only the new love of Tom Cruise’s character but, according to her interview with Variety, none have been cut off at their age from doing a love/sex scene. Variety asked him directly about this scene, specifying how surprising it is for a Tom Cruise in his recent and mature career, and this was answered by Connelly.

    We focus on the intimacy of how you fit into each other’s lives. I think those characters have a very tender relationship, the way she understands it. They share a moment in bed talking, and she says as much about their relationship as the sex scene from earlier. They clearly have some unresolved issues between them, and she handles it with humor and joy. I feel like she is someone who is positive and moving towards happiness.

    top gun maverick

    Of course, it is a novelty that the main and central couple of a blockbuster has two fifty-year-olds as protagonists, also that at that age two stars participate in a sex scene. This, of course, would be more novel if one of the two did not seem to have stopped their vital clock at 35…

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