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The justice rejects the criminal complaints of the San Paolo managers against two members of the club

The Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP) rejected, on the recommendation of the Public Prosecutor (MP-SP), the criminal complaints of the President of São Paulo, Julio Casares, and the President of the Deliberative Council, Olten Ayres de Abreu Júnior , against two members of the club who accused them of a “coup” for the proposed statutory reform which provided for the presidential re-election in the Tricolor.

São Paulo members, Kristian Orberg and Fábio Giaconi Machado, were the targets of the club’s directors’ action in Justice, but the Public Prosecutor considered that there were insufficient elements to proceed with the trial.

In September last year, the shareholders of São Paulo approved the statutory reform which provided for the possibility for the president and the president of the deliberative council to stand as candidates in new elections. Until then, the club has only granted one term for each position.

Many opponents of Julio Casares and Olten Ayres de Abreu Júnior considered the statutory reform a “coup d’état”, believing that both would benefit from the change to have the possibility to stay in their respective positions for another three years.

The political group in the situation does not share the accusations, given that the statutory reform was first discussed in the Deliberative Council and subsequently brought to the vote in the Extraordinary Assembly with the associates, who approved the proposal – 973 votes in favor and 627 against, over to four abstentions.

It is worth mentioning that in January 2022 the situation had already tried to pass a statutory reform authorizing presidential re-election, however this proposal was part of a collection of 14 changes. Since there was no possibility to vote for each of these changes, the partners preferred to disapprove the “package”.

Source: Terra

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