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‘BBB 23′: Lexa opens game with new outlet’: ‘I can’t let people decide for me’

In a new statement, singer Lexa regrets the exposure after the expulsion of MC Guimê from “BBB 23”

Singer Lexa made a new outburst this Saturday afternoon, 18/03, after the expulsion of Guide MC From BB 23accused of sexual harassment Dania Mendeza participant who was in an exchange program at La Casa dos Famosos 3, Mexico.

In Instagram Stories, Lexa said she has never been a controversial artist and regrets all the exposure she has suffered since the episode involving her husband on the Globo reality show.

“I’m sorry for all this exposure. In 10 years of career I have never been a controversial artist. Sometimes desperation does this to us, my mental health is shaken. I can’t let people guide my steps and decide my life for me. Let’s go ahead and work. It’s not about anyone, it’s about me,” said the artist.


Previously, Lexa commented on rumors that she gave Guimê a party at her mother’s house after she was kicked out of the Globo reality show.

“Going on to say there was no party, my mum had a barbecue as she usually does on the weekends. And I basically slept all day. The decision of my personal life is up to me, thank you all for your affection. this matter, I’m exhausted”said the famous, on her Twitter profile.

Source: Terra

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