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Lord of the Rings Quiz: Who’s Missing in This Picture?

Film adaptation of the literary trilogy Lord of the Rings Directed by Peter Jackson was a landmark event in the history of cinema. Released between 2001 and 2003, the three films received very positive critical and commercial acclaim, won numerous awards and became instant classics.

The adaptation stayed true to the original story while making it accessible to a wider audience. In terms of casting, we were able to bring in many familiar faces from Viggo Mortensen (La Ligne Rouge), Liv Tyler (Armageddon) or Hugo Weaving (The Matrix). The great success of the trilogy was contributed by the natural landscapes of New Zealand, which were chosen as the settings of Middle-earth.

These first three films had a huge impact on the film industry, proving that it was possible to make a faithful and artistic adaptation of a beloved book while respecting the original work. They also reinvented the world of heroic fantasy and created a new trilogy a few years later, The Hobbit and more recently the series Rings of Power, which also contributed to the appearance of the Game of Thrones phenomenon in the 2010s. .

Today we invite you to play with the original trilogy, trying to find which characters were deleted from the scenes of these different films. Depends on you !

Source: Allocine

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