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Content marketing can be on LinkedIn

Consecrated as one of the ways to create a positive perception of brands and, consequently, generate more business, content marketing is a strategy for several companies. The CEO of Meetz comments how this strategy is also possible on LinkedIn

Being an advertising strategy focused on the production and distribution of materials, presenting a language different from that of traditional advertisements, content marketing consists of a very current way of attracting potential customers to brands in different markets by offering something that, although free, has value.

Videos, articles, podcasts, e-books and many other productions that can be considered relevant by the target audience, without explicit self-promotion, are the types of materials that can make up a company’s content marketing strategy. The distribution of this content is part of a tactic that aims to present the brand as an authority on the subject, creating the image of being an organization that adds value to those who seek out what they produce.

LinkedIn, a social network focused on the professional field of its users, due to its reach, ranging from freelancers to large companies, and a specific niche, is a platform that offers the possibility to find qualified leads through the practice of content marketing.

With that in mind, Juliano Dias, CEO of Meetz, a startup that provides an end-to-end prospecting service for businesses, explains how content marketing can work on LinkedIn.

How can content marketers use LinkedIn to drive sales?

Dias says there are several ways content marketers can use LinkedIn to drive sales. Creating a comprehensive professional profile that shares relevant, useful and informative content, such as articles, for example, allows you to include links to your company blog, infographics, reports, white papers and much more.

You can also use LinkedIn Pulse, a LinkedIn article publishing platform. “It allows you to create unique and original content that can be shared with your network. By posting regularly on LinkedIn Pulse, you can increase your visibility and establish your brand as a thought leader in your field,” recommends the expert.

Dias also highlights the importance of creating a strategy to connect with relevant people in your target area, this could include prospects, business partners, thought leaders and influencers. It requires using search filters to find people who match the creator’s criteria and sending personalized messages. Text ads, sponsored ads and video ads are also possibilities offered by LinkedIn and indicated by the professional.

Finally, thinking about creating material that generates engagement and return for professionals, Juliano Dias mentions that tools like ChatGPT, Taplio and Buffer can help with insights, creation and publication of content on LinkedIn.

“By using strategies like these, content marketers can make the most of LinkedIn to generate sales and build lasting relationships with their potential customers,” concludes the CEO of Meetz.

More information available on http://www.meetz.com.br

Website: http://www.meetz.com.br

Source: Terra

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