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Top 10 paid games for Android

Check out some of the best paid games available for Android and discover interesting experiences across different playstyles

Good and free games are every gamer’s dream, however it is worth opening your wallet and buying a few titles. Discover now the top 10 paid games that you can find and enjoy on Android.

For the list, the canaltech chose a game to represent each style and thus offer a variety of options — Check out the best Play Pass games too.

10. The room

The room, a classic puzzler from Fireproof Games, tests your instincts and analysis in a mysterious setting, with touches of psychological horror. Overcome challenges as you walk through an abandoned house and find mysterious letters while trying to figure out the mystery of the place.

For those who love logic challenges and mystery, it’s a full plate.

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9. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Resource gathering and survival defines the experience in the strange and enchanting world of do not starve. Wilson, the character you control in the game, needs your help to explore the world and survive the perils of the night, as well as avoid hunger and madness.

The icing on the cake is the randomly created map, which expands the replayability factor of the title.

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8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Old school gamers surely remember CJ’s adventures on the streets of Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been a bestseller and is also available for mobile phones, proving that small screens can also accommodate large titles.


7. Classic RollerCoaster Tycoon

The roller coaster tycoon brings the dream of running an amusement park to life. The mobile version delights with its nostalgic look and is a great game for those who like resource maintenance and business management.

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6. Human: Fall Flat

Playing with friends is often a fun experience, however, with Human: You fall flat, maybe you stop playing wanting to end the friendship. The objective of the game is to damage your opponent, but the gravity system adds a comical twist to the experience – you can expect a lot of laughs.

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5. Tiny nightmares

Waking up in an unfamiliar and rather sinister abode is nobody’s plan. However, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat needs your help in this spin-off by Little nightmares which brings all elements of the franchise to the small screen.

It’s an amazing option for anyone who loves puzzles and horror.

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4. Need for Speed ​​​​​​Most Wanted

Speeding up while trying to win a race or escaping from the police is an enchanting journey through time. the racing classic Need for speed most wanted is available for Android with smooth gameplay and impressive graphics.

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3. Norgard

Northgard takes the player to the Viking Age in a drinking game from the source of the age of empires and apply an interesting personal narrative.

The Android version is visually appealing and worth checking out.

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2. Baldur Gate

Old school RPG fans, this is for you: Baldur Gate is available for small screen enjoyment. The game retains everything fans love, but with a fresh look and better quality graphics.

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1. Lonely crying

Mixing rogue-like with strategy game, Alone crying it is a different experience and full of mystery. You must travel through space as you try to uncover the reasons that led to the collapse of the empire you were a part of. All while trying to keep your ship and crew alive in a hostile environment.

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