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‘American Disease’: The Succession star no longer supports partner play

For several decades there have been two competing schools of acting methods among actors, the first being classical; In practice for several centuries, this method comes from the theater, which is considered the most effective and perfect school for blending into the skin of a character, for the duration of a performance or for simple filming.

the other is from New York; THE method of action Developed in the 1950s by the Actor’s Studio and its iconic director Lee Strasberg, actors are asked to draw on their personal experiences to enhance their interpretations.

In the most extreme cases, followers of the method do not leave between roles. A habit adopted by famous actors such as Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep or Daniel Day-Lewis, but which is not without danger, as the tragic death of Heath Ledger, who died of a drug overdose after suffering from a role, reminds us. The Joker who inhabited it during the filming of The Dark Knight.

The series Succession has a representative of each of these two methods of play, and since reality always meets fiction, Brian Cox, who plays patriarch Roy Logan on the HBO show, revealed that he does not support his partner Jeremy. Strong, at the same time the translator of his son Kendall Roy.

“American Disease”

The unaccustomed Scottish actor – who did not shy away from criticizing Johnny Depp in his memoirs – raised his ire in several interviews. method of action Employed by Jeremy Strong, who notably decided for Season 3 of Succession not to speak to any of the other actors in the series in order to stick to his role:

“It’s a particularly American disease, I think it’s the inability to separate yourself when you’re playing. The results Jeremy gets are always great. But I worry about what he’s doing to himself.” In particular, Brian Cox confided in our colleagues He is a Yorker.

Recently, it was during an interview variety that the British actor repeated his remarks and noted “Clash of Cultures” And disclosure should not be tolerated “This American sh*t and all that ‘I think therefore I am'”.

However, it didn’t go any further as Jeremy Strong chose not to counter attack and told our colleagues that GQ UK that “Everyone has the right to their opinion”and feels love and respect for all his playing partners as if they were part of his family.

A few days ago, on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s show, Brian Cox expressed regret and was sure that “It was a bit harsh” in his words. Humorously, the Scottish comedian posted an extract from the acting masterclass, in fact a simple parody, consisting of seeing him scream in front of the camera: “Just do the job, say your line, and don’t crash the sets!”

Video of Brian Cox on The Jimmy Fallon Show:

The fourth season can be watched every week starting Monday, March 27 exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video platform through Warner Pass, which is available as a paid option.

Source: Allocine

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