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This is us: “strong” or “disappointed”, the last episode of the series divides the fans!

Warning, this article contains spoilers this is the end of the series!

That’s it, the Pearson family will say goodbye to the little screen! For the latest episode, the TV series This Is Us, played by Vigilance Card, narrated on the day of Rebecca (Mandy Moore)’s funeral, it was all steeped in the usual Saturday night outs of Randall, Kate and Kevin’s youth, the same big one. Three.

Farewell to one of the best mothers of television, as well as the series, which will be appointed thanks to even more moving intrigues of its time, and which did not surprise the fans in the end.

I love that this is us finale was just one day in Pearson’s life. This family we loved. It was simple but powerful.

The ending was ideal. That was exactly what we needed. Thank you.

Several scenes were particularly intriguing to the viewer, such as the introduction of all of Pearson’s children being dragged on a rocking chair by their parents for centuries:

The parallel of all generations of Pearson on the swing is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Or Jack (Milo Ventimilia) and Rebecca’s last conversation in later life:

Just knowing that Jack was reassuring Rebecca on the other side that he could always take care of the children, like he did all her years, was the most exciting and beautiful.

Others have commented on the importance of the Big Three in this episode and their translators Sterling K. Brilliant performance by Brown, Justin Hartley and Chris Metz:

This is us in the last episode Sterling, Justin and Chris presented such beautiful and emotional performances. I really miss the show and their performance. Thank you for creating his great and inspiring characters, the tender big three.

I can not imagine the finale of a more beautiful TV series. I am very happy with the big three The originals They played such a big role, they deserved a swan song! The fact that parts of it were shot in Season 1 shows all the talent and amazing writing.

That’s what we end up with. What a series, so true life. “Can you tell me about my nightmare? We drift. We drift … “” … if you drift, we will jump right after you. ” Writers, producers and actors deserve all the awards.

However, some network users were not fully aware of this farewell, expecting something else.

I’m a little disappointed with the last episode. Not sure what I wanted, but I feel like there could have been more.

I have to say that even though I liked the end of #ThisIsUs with the message “Life goes on”, I wanted to break my heart for the last time. I was hoping Jackie would tell Rebecca that someone was waiting for her to meet her before she went to bed and introduced the baby to Kyle.

#ThisIsUs Final … To be honest, I was expecting more after all the fuss. Kleenex is not required for this episode. A little disappointed. Still, it’s still an amazing TV series.

ᲫVery disappointed. Maybe something was missed … nothing came out.

Finally, some fans preferred to repeat the series and we will not hide it from you: we understand them!

#ThisIsUs really did not need to finish. We still have a lot to see! Deja and Malik’s wedding, baby William’s birth, baby’s Jack’s music career, Randall’s political career, Kevin and Sophie’s wedding, Ani and Tess grown up and more. Bring back the series!

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