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Do French people go to the movies less? CNC research takes stock

Why do French people go to the movies less often? A study by Vertigo for the CNC sought to answer the question and reveal solutions for re-conquering society.

On May 23, St. CNC published the study The reinforcing effect exerted by the Vertigo Institute on attendance at the cinema.

The idea of ​​this study was to understand why the French go to the movies less often. Thus, the National Center for Cinematography used the Cannes Film Festival to highlight this assessment.

One year after the reopening of theaters after the health crisis, this study also had 3 identified objectives:

  • Understand why cinema attendance has not returned to pre-crisis levels at this stage
  • Identify obstacles according to different types of audiences
  • Consider the major obstacles identified in revealing the levers of community return

according to BoxOfficeProWho handed over the CNC survey, “The Vertigo Institute conducted a survey to find out the profile of the spectators returning to the theater and what might slow down their habits.

Because if the reopening of May 2021 saw a massive influx of viewers, the market has since taken off with only a few ups and downs, starting with the July Spider-Man Film Festival: There Is No Phenomenon in the House, Finally. The year, including the school holidays, and the dying can wait.

However, it does show the ability of the public to mobilize on offer, as highlighted by CNC Film Director Magale Valent. “In July 2021, we reached a level that was close to the level of 2019,” and we must take into account the strong health constraints still in force, which were noted last year, to draw the entry level into perspective.

The beginning of 2022 really follows a slightly more optimistic trend: 42% behind January compared to January 2019, attendance “recovered” to -23% in April, the first full month without health restrictions.

The CNC It also recalls that France, with a 55% decrease in attendance in 2021 compared to 2019 (and -28% compared to 2017-2019 from 19 May 2021), remains the leading country in Europe in terms of attendance, especially compared to the United. Kingdom (-58%), Germany (-65%), or Italy (-75%).

Thus, the survey showed that 48% of French people say that they return to the cinema less often or not at all after the opening of theaters on May 19, 2021.

More specifically, “Statistics confirm the findings of 2021, namely that young people returned to the movies more easily than people over the age of 60, and that part of the working population, aged 25-59, did not return home. Attendance habits before a health crisis.

Indeed, almost 5 out of 10 spectators did not return to pre-Kovida habits (+ 25-59 years). Research has also shown that this decrease in attendance is related to a combination of factors, some of which are temporary and some of which are more structural.

Thus, the five main reasons why viewers say they go to the cinemas less often or not at all after the opening of cinemas are:

  • For 38% of them, they lose the habit of going to the cinema
  • Perception of ticket price for 36% of them
  • 33% of them wore a mask
  • 26% of them have the advantage of watching movies on other media
  • Lack of interest in the films offered to 23% of them.

Nevertheless, according to the CNC, “The study highlights the fact that if the underlying causes are the same in all age groups, they occur in different order according to population categories:

  • Other means are preferred for 15-34 year olds (36%)
  • Perception of high ticket prices (46%) takes the first place for 35-59 years.
  • Loss of habit is most commonly reported in people over the age of 60 (51%).

The study is also rich in lessons learned about the levers of action available to sector actors and public authorities when it analyzes the motivations of viewers who have returned to the habit of going to the cinema:

  • First of all, just wanting to see a movie wins (51%)
  • This is followed by an interest in the optimal sound, image and comfort conditions offered by the cinema (37%).
  • Mentioned when wanting to spend a collective moment with friends, family or couple (36%)
  • Then enjoy the hobby that takes you out of the house and breaks your daily routine (34%).

“France remains the first European country in terms of attendees and it is sluggish, which is observed, because the opening of cinemas is not inevitable! Movies will never disappear from cinemas!

Professionals, with the support of CNC, are already working on ways to bring audiences back more massively to theaters, and the research we are exploring today is rich in action lessons.Confirmed by Dominic Butonati, President of CNC.

Source: allocine

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