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Future Crimes in Cannes 2022: “Fascinating”, “Deviant”, “Annoying” … What does the festival think about the new Cronenberg?

David Cronenberg’s new film “Les Crimes du Futur” is also in competition at the Cannes and in cinemas. In this regard, a brief overview of what the French press thinks … *

Eight years on Maps To The Stars, David Cronenberg delivers his new film, Crimes of the Future, and returns to Cruise for the occasion. Featuring the competition, the feature film, directed by Viggo Mortensen, Leah Seidux and Kristen Stewart, also marks the return of the La Mouche director to his favorite genre, science fiction. The verdict is this: in the absence of reviews, Les Crimes du Futur generally captured the French press, averaging 3.5 / 5 for 20 media outlets.


Although the human species adapts to the synthetic environment, the human body is subject to new transformations and mutations. Famous singer Saul Tenser, co-starring with his partner Caprice, is staging a metamorphosis of his bodies in avant-garde shows.

Timlin, an investigator with the Office of the National Registry of Organs, is closely monitoring their practice. That’s when a mysterious group appears: they want to use Saul’s knowledge to reveal to the world the next stage of human evolution …

Future crimes Realized David Cronenbergwith Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seidu, Kristen Stewart

What does the press think?

According to Cahiers du Cinema:

“Why is Dr. Cronenberg’s surgery still working? Because his science fiction never gave in to futuristic dreams and did not play the game of prophecy. The only possible place. “(Marco Uzal) 4/5

According to Widescreen:

“David Kronenberg shares his career, the industry in which he has been developing for decades, and the power of the artistic avant-garde. The exercise is definitely fascinating, especially for connoisseurs of his work.” (Matthew Jaborska) 4/5

According to the seventh obsession:

“In closing the loop of his own obsessions, Cronenberg combines in his film the amusing strangeness of the beginnings with Crash’s radicalism, an updated version of which he can be.” (David Ezan) 4/5

According to Le Journal du Dimanche:

“Chromosome 3 (1979) and Crash (1996) is a kind of twisted branch, which also echoes its name in the 1970s medium-length film, both in retro and futuristic setting, where insane eroticism and welcoming humor revolve. Viggo Mortensen. Director’s annoying and charismatic al A group of beautiful, neurotic female characters. ” (SB and BT) 4/5

According to Paris Match:

“Les Crimes du Futur fascinates with its themes, the connections it forms between contemporary art and cinema, the lack of compromise with efficiency and” performance “. Perhaps this is the edge of the exercise. Beyond Performance. ”(Yannick Valley) 3/5

According to Le Parisien:

Dark, sometimes disturbing, very fascinating and thought-provoking, “Les Crimes du futur” also owes a lot to its lead performers (…) “(Reno Baronyan) 4/5

According to Télérama (FOR):

“The film is still characterized by a fascinating sense of the twilight ceremony, where the sacred and the sacred are involved. Between infant murder, corpse abduction, scarification and Baroque scars, Les Crimes du Futur is a violent but quiet, conceptual violence.” (Jacques Morris) 4/5

According to Télérama (CONS):

“This fiction, in which the body is the center, never takes on flesh. The footage moves like the pictures in an exhibition, the camera as stoic as a nail embedded in a wall. And what is this inconsistent future where creators develop sketches. Scenery? (Frederick Strauss) 1/5

According to

“Because the film tells us that ‘reality is the body,’ we have to decide to look reality in the face: it is possible that Cronenberg’s cinema, unfortunately, does not have much left in its stomach. (José Morel) 2/5

According to the first:

“Between music, Stuart’s hallucinatory acting, almost comic exaggerations of certain situations, twelve sound structures or sometimes absurd gossip establishes a fun distance. It is this distance that makes this SF tale bizarre, playful and hypnotic.” (Gael Golhen) 3/5

* According to a press panel presented on AlloCiné on May 25, 2022.

Source: allocine

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