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Tori 4: Is Gori stronger than Thanos? Who is this Marvel villain from the comics?

The Butcher of the Gods Gori Tori will be the new enemy in the 4th episode of the adventures of Asgard’s hero. But who is this horrible character who has a grudge against the deities?

The latest trailer for Thor Love and Thunder has lifted the curtain on the great villain of this new opus: the butcher of the Gore gods.

The latter, played by Christian Bailey, looks awful with his gray skin, pale appearance and yellow eyes.

Gor Butcher, same as Christian Bailey

This character, who is taking his first steps in Marvel’s cinematic world, promises to create big problems for the famous Asgardian superhero, Thor.

Director Taika Waititi, already the author of the 3rd opus, is convinced that the butcher of the gods will be a memorable antagonist, even more than a fellow.

“In my humble opinion, we have probably the best villain in Marvel’s cinematic world with Christian Bale”He struck AP News 5 May.

Warning, the rest of this article is likely to spoil the elements of THOR 4 related to Gori’s past.

Who is the butcher of Gori gods?

But who is this bad guy who has given himself the mission of killing all the gods (and no, he is not a meat supplier to the gods of Olympus)? Gorr was created in 2013 by screenwriter Jason Aaron and cartoonist Russell Dauterman. He first appeared in the comic book Thor: God of Thunder # 2.

Gori, over 3000 years old, is an alien from an unknown planet. The latter lived through famine and misery, seeing his mother die in front of him to protect himself from bloodthirsty beasts.

The inhabitants of his planet were believers, worshiping gods and praying to them. When Gore himself started a family, he saw that his pregnant wife had died in a landslide and his children were starving to death. Gore then lost his faith and was expelled from his tribe.

Gori in comics

From there he instills a fierce hatred for the deities who he says are responsible for his misfortunes. Completely destroyed, Gori is relocated. Then he meets two gods who kill each other. One of them is called Knoll, a very powerful and very ancient creature at the head of the creation of symbiotes.

They are the alien race of the planet Klyntar. The symbionts are amorphous, intellectual, and parasitic. They feed on the emotions of their hosts and can affect their psychology and metabolism as well as adrenaline (like Venom).

GORR moves to the dark side

Gori takes the symbiote from the knuckles while fighting and allows him to conquer his darkness, granting him his superpowers.

His power then becomes superhuman. It can also fly at the speed of light and control shadows to create weapons or minions.

Gore obviously has a stomach ache …

Gore can thus satisfy his revenge on the gods in the face of silent past calamities. Armed with his necroblade, the evil conscious sword, he begins to massacre the deities of the universe with all his might.

The ability to distort the reality of these weapons and manipulate space can be seen in the latest trailer when Tori faces Gore in a strange black-and-white landscape.

Deadly reputation

Thus he was given several nicknames, which recall his terrible thirst for blood: “Butcher of the Gods”, “Killer of the Gods”, “Killer of the Gods”, “Gori Redeemer”, “Black Butcher”. Or “Cloud Tracker”.

That is why Thor will have to work hard to defeat such a powerful enemy. Mighty Thor’s help will not be so great as to support him in this task!

And no, that’s not Marilyn Manson’s cosplay, but Christian Bailey in Gore

Will he be able to put an end to the murder of this deity? Will Zeus endure the boundless grief of Gori? Answer in cinemas on July 13th.

Source: allocine

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