Friday, February 3, 2023

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‘Halftime’: Netflix’s Jennifer Lopez Documentary Also Features Ben Affleck

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The fiancé of the singer and actress is a key figure, as the first trailer has already hinted.

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    Last year, one of the greatest love stories ever told took shape when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited, 17 years after calling off their first engagement. Since then, Bennifer has gone from strength to strength, confirming her second engagement in April of this year. Next month, Jennifer will be the subject of a new Netflix documentary, ‘Halftime’, with Ben appearing in the first trailer, which was released on May 20.

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    ‘Halftime’ shows Jennifer during some of the big moments in her recent career, from performing at the 2020 Superbowl halftime show to the premiere of her movie ‘Wall Street Hustlers.’ The documentary also shows Jennifer reflecting on her past, including the time reporter Billy Bush asked her, “How do you feel about your butt?” and the media’s portrayal of her as a “serial girlfriend”.

    The scenes also showed Jennifer’s disappointment at not receiving an Oscar nomination for “Wall Street Hustlers.” As Jennifer struggles to be taken seriously in Hollywood, the media surrounding her is also shown in the clip, with Ben saying, “I told her once, ‘Doesn’t this bother you?’ And she said, ‘I expected this.'”

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    Earlier this year, Jennifer opened up about what she learned from her relationship with Affleck for the second time. “I’d say we learned our lesson the first time,” she told New York Times. “To keep it sacred.”

    You have to do what makes you feel good all the time. But at the same time, you learn from the past, you do things better the second time. There is a part of that, yes, we are together. But there’s another part of it that’s not, you know, being as open as we were when we were so young and in love so many years ago.

    Halftime is coming to Netflix globally on June 14.

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