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Super Mario Bros arrives on digital platforms; see how to watch

Having grossed over a billion dollars in theaters worldwide, Super Mario Bros. Film they can now be watched online on the Prime Video platform, but with the rental cost. Released worldwide on April 5, the film broke records and achieved the third highest grossing animated film in history.

The film is not part of Prime Video’s actual catalog yet, however it is now available for rental at a cost of R$49.90 – which is the same for SD, HD and UHD versions. It is also important to note that, upon rental, users will have a period of 30 days to watch the film.

As standard on the platform, all rented movies are available for 30 days, however, once started, the movie must be watched within 48 hours or it will expire and a new contract will be required.

In addition to Prime Video, the animation is also available on YouTube Filmes, with the same costs as the service. the lease of Super Mario Bros. Film on streaming platforms it is available with audio options in English and Portuguese, and the same goes for subtitles.

Super Mario Bros. The movie breaks world records

The animation, which had an initial investment of $100 million, achieved a remarkable performance in theaters around the world in less than two months of release.

Super Mario Bros. Film grossed over $1.255 billion and became the third highest-grossing animated film in history, surpassing The Incredibles 2and second only to movies Frozen II AND Frozenin this order.

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