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Senate approves bill to encourage electric vehicles

PL nº 6.020/2019, whose text defends the increase of incentives in the research and development of technologies for electric vehicles, advanced to the Federal Senate

PL (bill) nº 6.020/2019, which concerns state incentives for research and development of electric vehicles in Brazil it was approved by the Science and Technology Commission (CCT) of the Senate.

The text drawn up by Senator Leila Barros (PDT/DF) establishes that the companies included in the Rota 2030 Program – Mobility and Logistics must apply, for 10 years, 1.5% of the tax benefit in research by public institutions on the development of new technologies for the sector.

According to Leila Barros, Rota 2030 has already achieved around BRL 9 billion in tax exemptions for companies and, due to this scenario, investments dedicated to research and development aimed at electric mobility could exceed BRL 130 million per year, for a total contribution of R$ 1.3 billion at the end of the policy term.

Speaker defends ‘future of the sector’

The rapporteur of the project and president of the CCT, Rodrigo Cunha (União/AL), highlighted other important points to defend the PL which aims to encourage the development of research focused on electric vehicles in Brazil.

According to Cunha, the demand for electric vehicles is a worldwide trend and as a result, Brazil cannot be left behind. “In Germany, these vehicles account for 26% of car sales in 2021. The progress of electric vehicles is a global and rapidly accelerating process. Brazil needs to plan for the future of our automotive industry, which accounts for 20% of industrial GDP “.

After the approval by the CCT of the Senate, the bill n. 6.020/2019 will now pass to the Chamber of Deputies. After the analysis of the text by the parliamentarians, if there is approval without changes, the bill will finally pass to the presidential sanction.

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